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Cinematographer. Storyteller.

Hello! I'm a cinematographer currently based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Film and Video Production. My interest lies in using cinematography to visually enhance stories - from narratives and non-fiction to music videos and experimental works.

To sum it up - I make things look pretty with a camera. 

I’m devoted to making art and creating visuals that go beyond inspiration. There is art inside of everyone, and the beauty of filmmaking is that it is powerful enough to make even the smallest fragments of any story significant. My work aims to do just that.​

My goal is to create visuals that reflect my clients' stories, but also allow for the audience to find unique senses of value and connection in what they see. ​

As a collaborator, I love working with those who appreciate creativity that dives deeper than a classic narrative and visual style. My hope is that I get the chance to explore and create with other artists who share a similar passion for telling memorable stories through images.

Visit my "Contact" page to work with me.

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